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AcademicEdge Student Services System


AcademicEdge, a Java(tm) JEE  based student services system for gathering and processing critical information at colleges and universities. The system comprises: Recruitment, Admission, Registrar, Student Transcript, Financial Aid, Bursar and Alumni functions. These modules can be implemented individually or as an integrated suite.

AcademicEdge is a service oriented application (SOA). SOA is a style of software architecture that uses services to satisfy user requirements. SOA can help an Institution respond to changing needs rapidly and cost-effectively. SOA promotes reuse of services as opposed to reuse of Objects. SOA consists of exposing system functionalities as web services, registering them with an Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) registry, securing them and managing them using SOA governance tool. SOA allows an Institution to integrate its student services system, legacy systems and create business processes that will satisfy current and future business requirements easily and cost-effectively.

AcademicEdge is modular and allows an Institution to install  selected components to incrementally replace its legacy system. AcademicEdge is flexible, scalable, cost-effective and manageable. AcademicEdge system and implementation details are given in the Overview page. You can view AcademicEdge JEE presentation now.

We have used IBM WebSphere Business Modeler to model AcademicEdge business process and WebSphere Integration Developer to develop and deploy business processes to IBM WebSphere Process Server. Please view the business process presentation for additional information and a demonstration of a business process running in a WebSphere Process Server AcademicEdge has been validated to work with IBM middleware and listed in IBM SOA business catalog.

We have implemented a demo application for execution in a Sun Java Application Server 9, MySQL and MS Windows 2003 Server. The system has been ported to IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition and IBM WebSphere Application Server running DB2 database management system. The system can be implemented in your choice of Application Server, Relational database and Operating System. You can view the demo application and web services here.

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