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AcademicEdge can be implemented using different IDEs.

Sun Java Studio Creator 2 has been used to create JSF component based UIs, you can learn more from the professional test taker who will prepare the material for you. The resulting application can be hosted in JBoss or Sun Java Application Server. We have used the SJSC2 to create portlets and deployed the portlets to Sun Java Application server and JBoss Application server.

We have used NetBeans 5.5 and NetBeans 6.0 to create the application, and web services. IBM WebSphere Modeler and Integration Developer has been used to create business processes. A development scenario follows:.

  • Implement each business entity as an independently deployable task using SOA
  • Create Web Services as an Enterprise Application or Web Application
  • Describe Web Services in a wsdl file
  • Describe Business Process in a bpel file.
  • Create an Application project
  • Add the JBI modules to the project
  • Build the project and Deploy the Application to the Sun Application Server as service assemblies
  • Deploy the business processes to IBM WebSphere Process Server that executes the process. The results are stored in appropriate MySQL databases and email confirmation for success and failure are provided to appropriate individuals.

Oracle JDeveloper10g can be used to create the presentation layer using the same MySQL database.  Oracle JDeveloper10g allows creation of  JSF component based UI and the resulting application can be hosted in JBoss Application Sever or  Oracle Application Server. Oracle BPEL Process Designer can be used for development of  business processes  and BPEL Process Manager can be used for the deployment of business processes.

Also, JBoss jBPM can be used to create business processes. The JBoss jBPM process designer allows development of workflow applications that are deployed in a JBoss process engine. JBoss jBPM is a Java library that can be used with JBoss Application Server for all types of  institutions.

AcademicEdge has been successfully ported to a IBM Power PC running Red Hat Linux, JBoss Application Server and MySQL database. 

We are currently porting AcademicEdge application, web services and business processes to IBM System p running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0, IBM System z running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 and IBM System p running AIX 5.3.


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