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Technical Information

Data security & privacy issues are discussed in Data Security

Facts about AcademicEdge are discussed on FAQ page

Software Installation and Customization

You need the following for Java/JEE [at https://writing-service.org/ you can see what it is and how this version differs from others] compliant version of the application:

  • Application Server (IBM WebSphere, Sun Application Server, Oracle Application Server, JBoss, and others)

  • Database Server (Oracle, MySQL, DB2)

  • LDAP Directory Server

  • Java Runtime Environment

  • Server (s) ( a high-end PC or a specialized PC with sufficient memory, and storage based on expected size of the Notes database, IBM midrange or mainframe server for large institutions -- in most cases your existing hardware is sufficient)
  • Operating System (Linux, Windows 2003, Novell, UNIX, AIX, z/OS -- in most cases your existing OSes may be sufficient)
  • MS Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and other Web browsers (for student, faculty and staff use)

Our Role:

  • We will distribute core modules that implement current year specifications, on an annual basis,
  • We will provide fee-based customization support,
  • We will archive and distribute all customized modules,
  • We will coordinate group meetings and user conferences,
  • We can provide fee-based technical support on an ongoing basis,
  • We will develop new products to supplement the current offering,
  • We will provide technology upgrades to AcademicEdge products.

AcademicEdge can easily interface with your existing Human Resources, payroll and Finance Systems or with third party HR and Finance Systems (e.g., Kuali, Great Plains, SAP, Lawson, PeopleSoft, Oracle) so as to meet an institution's total information need.

Data Security & Privacy

Student records are protected by Federal and State laws. Please explore the following web sites to learn more about student data privacy and Internet securi ty and related issues.

  1. On Data Privacy:    http://www.epic.org/privacy
  2. On Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (Buckley Ammendement)20 USC S.1232g: http://www.epic.org/privacy/education/ferpa.html
  3. On Cryptography and Internet Security: http://www.rsasecurity.com
  4. On Internet Privacy & Cryptography: http://www.privacy.org
  5. On Antivirus: http://www.research.ibm.com/antivirus/SciPapers.htm

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