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Maintain current information on all Recruitment Sponsors, and all Prospective Applicants who contact the institution's Recruitment Office

  • Maintain history of all Events, and records of all Invites to Event(s)
  • Maintain data on all contacts made by counselors at Events
  • Support college fairs held by schools, alumni and others
  • Maintain data on all campus visitations by all Prospective Applicants
  • Capture invitee and prospective applicant data from external sources.
  • Maintain records of all correspondence and their disposition between Recruitment Event Sponsor and Recruitment Office, and between the Prospective Applicant and Recruitment Office
  • Identify and retrieve prospective invitee and applicant data by demographics, academic achievement, major subject of interest
  • Produce follow-up letters and mailing labels for Invites and Prospective Applicants
  • Query system for Prospective Applicant, Sponsor and Events information
  • Produce custom reports
  • Generate and maintain various tables in the system
  • Provide context sensitive help functions
  • View Recruitment System screen shots. (Please use a IE 6.0 browser for better resolution).


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