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AcademicEdge: Business Process

Please read the following instruction to access and interact with a business process running in a WebSphere Process Server.In the case when you have difficulties using the server, don't forget about advanced writers who are ready to tell you about all the necessary elements for your project.

1. Log on to the server using your name, no password required.

2. Click on "My Process Templates" to view all the active processes. You should see "admissionProcess" in this list.

3. Click on "admissionProcess"

3. The process opens. You will see several tabs -- Details, Operations, Process Instances, Custom Properties, Query Properties. Click on Operations tab. You will see "apply" under Operation Name. Click on "apply" to open it.

4. You will see default values for the applicant -- name, email, ApplicantSSNID. You can change these default values, but it is not necessary to change them.

5. Click the "submit" button. This will submit the application for processing.

6. The system generates random values for GPA, SAT score and uses the Rules incorporated in the system to process  the application. If the applicant satisfies the rules, you will see a response with Process Input Message and Process Output Message. Values of EFC, and others are also random. In a production situation these values will be retrieved using web services and/or calculated using appropriate financial aid packaging rules.

7. If the applicant does not meet the rules for admission, the application will be rejected and routed for manual processing. If this happens, you will not see a response message after you submit the application. You may click the "MyTasks" link under "Task Instances" to view all rejected applications. This list is used by Admissions staff to process rejected applications manually.

8. You may select one from the rejected list by checking the button for that "processApplicationManually" link. Now you have the option to Start, Work on, Release, or Transfer the application.

9. Select one rejected application from the list, and click "Work on." The page opens and provides additional instruction & data about the applicant. You have the option to Complete, Save, Release, or Cancel the application.


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