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  General Public License -- Overview  
  There are two main forms of licensing that are prevalent in the software industry, "closed source" and, more recently, "open source" licenses.

Closed source licenses typically require licensing fees, ship with or without source code (design templates), and restrict reverse engineering, distribution and re-licensing of the product. Specific terms may vary widely from vendor to vendor.

Open source licenses, on the other hand, tend to avoid license fees, ship with complete source code, and allow use or modification of the software as you see fit. Open source licenses tend to be chosen from a small number of Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved licenses. The most common open source license, the GNU General Public License (GPL) is a "viral" license, requiring code you write based on GPL code to be licensed under the GPL and re-released under certain conditions.

Typically companies and individuals select either an open or closed strategy in licensing their software. We offers you a choice; dual licensing strategy. You can acquire Higher Education Student Administration Application Student Services software either under "open source" or "closed source" license.

The Higher Education Student Administration Application Public License Version 1.0 (HESAAPL) is an open source license which allows you to use Higher Education Student Administration Application software without payment of any license fees. These applications include business process and trade secrets. If you prefer not to disclose business process and trade secrets, please use our Commercial License. Our Commercial License is similar to the Public License and prohibits disclosure of the design to third parties.

The HESAAPL is similar to the more commonly used GNU General Public License or GPL.

The HESAAPL also does not allow you to charge a fee for your source code other than the cost of duplication and distribution where such acts involve physical media. You must make the source code "freely available" to third parties.

To avoid disclosure of the design, business process and trade secrets  you may use our "closed source" AcademicEdge license that requires payment of appropriate licensing fees for use of AcademicEdge software. In return for such fees you are able to keep your modifications and derivative works closed source, and acquire certain intellectual property rights related to your extensions to AcademicEdge software.

SCOPE of Higher Education Student Administration Application Public License Version 1.0

Our License is based on the concept of reciprocity. In exchange for being granted certain rights under the terms of our License to Licensor's Software, whose Source Code (Design Templates) You have access to, You are required to reciprocate by providing equal access and rights to  third parties to the Source Code of any Modifications, Derivative Works, and Required Components for execution of same (collectively defined as Extensions) that You Deploy by Deploying Your Extensions under the terms of our License.

Under the terms of our License You may:

a. Distribute the Licensed Software exactly as You received it under the terms of our License either alone or as a component of an aggregate software distribution containing programs from several different sources without payment of a royalty or other fee.

b. Use the Licensed Software for any purpose consistent with the rights granted by our License, but the Licensor is not providing You any warranty whatsoever, nor is the Licensor accepting any liability in the event that the Licensed Software doesn't work properly or causes You any injury or damages.

c. Create Extensions to the Licensed Software consistent with the rights granted by our License, provided that You make the Source Code to any Extensions You Deploy available to third parties under the terms of our License, document Your Modifications clearly, and title all Extensions distinctly from the Licensed Software.

d. Charge a fee for warranty or support, or for accepting indemnity or liability obligations for Your customers.

Under the terms of our License You may not:

a. Charge for the Source Code to the Licensed Software, or Your Extensions, other than a nominal fee not to exceed Your cost for reproduction and distribution where such reproduction and distribution involve physical media.

b. Modify or delete any pre-existing copyright notices, change notices, or License text in the Licensed Software.

c. Assert any patent claims against the Licensor or Contributors, or which would in any way restrict the ability of any third party to use the Licensed Software or portions thereof in any form under the terms of our License, or Your rights to the Licensed Software under our License automatically terminate.

d. Represent either expressly or by implication, appearance, or otherwise that You represent Licensor or Contributors in any capacity or that You have any form of legal association by virtue of our License.

Under the terms of our License You must:

a. Document any Modifications You make to the Licensed Software including the nature of the change, the authors of the change, and the date of the change. This documentation must appear both in the Source Code and in a text file titled "CHANGES" distributed with the Licensed Software and Your Extensions.

b. Make the Source Code for any Extensions You Deploy available in a timely fashion via an Electronic Distribution Mechanism such as FTP or HTTP download.

c. Notify the Licensor of the availability of Source Code to Your Extensions in a timely fashion and include in such notice a brief description of the Extensions, the distinctive title used, and instructions on how to acquire the Source Code and future updates.

d. Grant Licensor and all third parties a world-wide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license under any intellectual property rights owned or controlled by You to use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, sublicense, and distribute Your Extensions, in any form, under the terms of our License.

AcademicEdge is a trademark and service mark of AcademicEdgeOnline and may only be used in reference to the AcademicEdgeOnline distribution of the Higher Education Student Administration software.  You have to register your institution with AcademicEdgeOnline to receive AcademicEdge software under Open Source or Closed Source license. Please contact us at .

There is no fee for the AcademicEdge source code under Open Source license. There is a fee for documentation and consultation relating to configuration, installation, customization and training support for AcademicEdge. Please read our FAQ page for details about public licensing and support. Our initial fee is nominal and we do provide full customization support.


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